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Fir​st Baptist Church of Ennis

Bible Believers Bookstore

Bible Believers Bookstore

We Are Americans


We are citizens of the greatest nation the world has ever known. Some are jealous of our greatness, others are thankful for it. But what made America rise above every other county in history in greatness?


Was it our vast reserve of natural resources? No, Africa has far more natural resources than we do yet it is a desperately poor continent. Is it our form of government? No, numerous countries have instituted our form of government and yet failed to prosper as we have. Is it free enterprise? No, numerous Eastern European countries have tried free enterprise and have not excelled. So just what has made America the greatest nation on earth?


In a word, God. Liberals would have us believe that America was founded to be “God-neutral” and a multi-cultural society. They teach that America wasn't founded by Christians, but by “faith neutral” deists. This simply isn't true. But, rather than claim America was founded on the Bible by Christians, this booklet reviews the very words of the Founding Fathers themselves.

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