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Fir​st Baptist Church of Ennis


1. We believe that God has not only inspired his Word when it was originally written, but he also has preserved his Word so that we have a perfect, inerrant copy of it in the English language.

2. We believe that God’s Word has been preserved in the Old Testament through the Massoretic Hebrew text passed down through the ages by the Jews. The King James Old Testament is based on an edition of this text edited by Abraham Ben Chayyim published in 1524-1525.

3. We believe that God’s Word has been preserved in the New Testament through the Greek text that originated in Antioch, Syria. This is a line of Greek texts known as the Textus Receptus. The final and outstanding representation of this text is the authorized King James Bible of 1611. There have been several revisions of the original AV 1611 in which some typographical errors due to poor printing facilities were corrected. Also, the spellings of certain words in the old English grammar were changed to the current spelling of these words. Our edition of the AV 1611 is based on the revision of 1769.

4. We believe that the other versions which are used by many Christians and Christian schools today are corrupt because they came from a corrupted text that originated in Alexandria, Egypt.

5. Every course taught in this school is taught from the King James Bible and it is used to correct all of these other “so called” Bibles.

You can find a full statement of faith at the link below.